Subway Art

As you all know, I'm a bit obsessed with Pinterest...shocking I know! Lol :) My latest obsession on Pinterest is called Subway Art. I'll show you my latest pins (I had to make a board just for Subway Art!)

How fabulous is this?!?!

I could definitely see this in the classroom!

I also have pinned ones for holidays:

Ok, so now you get the idea of what Subway Art is!  Now, Cricut has a cartridge that I am REALLY wanting called Word Collage:

This has stuff for baby girls and boys, some holidays, and some other stuff.

Looking at this gave me a few ideas. One of them is I could creat my own Subway Art with or without this cartridge, by just typing in words/phrases using any of my other cartiridges and put them all together on a cardstock. For instance, my friend is having a baby boy and on the cartridge is cute, but there is one on Pinterest I've seen that I could recreate:

My other possibly brilliant idea, is that you could do this for any theme you are doing in your classroom. So for an ocean unit, for example, it could say waves, seal, dolphins, whales, starfish, etc. Oh this opens up so many possibilities!!! And I could see making this with keep your eyes peeled, because I think that I'll be making them for freebies. Do you think this is a good idea? I also think that I'll be making a teacher one for the prize when I get 100 followers (only 31 away!)

You can follow me at pinterest :  and my Subway Art board is here:



  1. Very cool! I need to check these out! :)

  2. They are awesome because there can be one for any event! Thanks for stopping by Kelley :)

  3. They are fabulous. I especially love the first one! Happy New Year!!
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  4. Yes, there is something classic and pardon the pun 'old school' about the first one. I love it! Happy New Year to you too Tina :)

  5. ooooo - a new cricut cartridge to want ...
    Thanks! (I love subway art, too. We made coasters for Christmas and the students made their own subway art on them).

    Runde's Room

  6. Oh that's right Jen! I remember that post. Turned out fantastic by the way :)

    Yes I know...just what I need, another cartridge lol.

  7. omgosh! I NEED that cartridge! lol
    And I was going to ask you if you saw Jen's post...but she's the comment above me, so nevermind! haha
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  8. Lol thanks Jen :)

    Yes I need that cartridge too. I'm going to check out Joann's Fabric Store soon hopefully. If not there is always Amazon or Ebay lol :)

  9. Great post...I pinned a few of the art posters. I'm wondering what software is used to make the art. I guess I could google the question.

    Thanks again,
    Happy New Year

  10. I pinned ittoo! :) I have a cute idea to do with it for my girls' birth posters :)
    The Teachers’ Cauldron

  11. Hi Pat! You can use Wordle or Tagxedo for basic stuff. As for adding little pics into it, I'm not sure, so I'm going to use my Cricut to make that stuff and possibly the words too :)

  12. hey miss t! i love pinning lol!
    anyway i'm just stopping by to wish you a happy new year :) all the best for 2012!


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