If You Haven't Checked It Out Yet...

You should check out The Best Endings, started by Erika from The Honey Bunch. It's an awesome new blog, and I honestly say that and not just because I'm one of the contributors! :)

It's basically an online book club and the contributors share which authors and books they like and basically review the books they are reading. And the best part is that I now have a huge list of books on my want-to-read list! Too bad today is the last day of my vacation :(

I am actually working tomorrow. Kindergarten class that I've subbed for before, thank goodness, so I know the names lol. I hate working the first day back from break only because the kids are usually cranky because all break they've slept in late/stayed up later and have fallen back into old habits. That was my first thought of why I was subbing, the teacher didn't want to deal with that! Lol. Actually I think she may be in Cali for the Rose Bowl (GO DUCKS!!!!!). I don't know, but I've had this job booked for since before Christmas Break. I have two more jobs scheduled for this month and that's it...but I know they'll start filling in soon :)

I plan on having the kiddos write tomorrow about either their favorite gift or favorite thing they did over break. Or maybe even have them write about their favorite person they saw over break. Of course I'll have to write it in Spanish as I have Spanish portion of the class :)



Thanks for leaving me happy notes!

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