Freebie Friday!

Happy Friday! I'm going to be cooking tonight for tomorrow's breakfast! I was invited to a craft day Saturday and being the frugal teacher, didn't really want to pay the money to do crafts I could do at home for free. Sure, there'd be friends and food...but I can still do that for free lol.

 So my friend running it called me awhile back and said if I cook breakfast-lunch-dinner, I can go for FREE!  Breakfast is a make a night before casserole, lunch will be  ham and potato soup (WW recipe! She asked me to use it too!) and dinner will be a skinnytaste recipe for bolognese and spaghetti.

And I so can't wait to use my Cricut and also do stuff from Pinterest. Going to get my crafting on!

So here is a cute little freebie I whipped up. Valentine's Day book marks!  Well they could also be used every day :) Two kinds of bookmarks!



  1. Your freebie is so cute!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Enjoy your pinterest weekend!!! Those are the best!

  2. my boyfriend got me a cricut last christmas and I haven't used it in a with all these fantastic blogs and pinterest, I think that baby will be getting a lot of use :)

  3. My Cricut got TONS of use today. Wore out a blade and a mat lol.


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