Time Out Tuesday: Relax

This kind of goes with last week's TOT (Time Out Tuesday) topic of quiet. Usually when you have quiet, you can relax a little. I know that today I'm super relaxed. As in no worries in the world kind of relaxed. This week there will be only a few posts from me, but I'll explain that more on Sunday :)

I think that our bodies get so tense and stressed, that sometimes we forget what it's like to be relaxed. One reason I love the weekend is that I can unwind. Even if I have something going on that weekend, it's not stressful.  Probably because it usually involves being around friends.

And when my little  big baby of a cat is around, I relax. It's been known that if you pet a furry animal, aka your pet, you relax, your blood pressure goes down, and it's just good for you all around. You feel happier too! And speaking of relaxed, that's something I can learn from Checkers!

Stretched out lol.

Lazy fur baby!

When her head is upside down, that means she is OUT. 


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  1. SO jeally! I love me some O'ahu.

    I did tag you also but hey, no worries! Just relax for me OK!

    *hugs* Kat



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