Crafting Day

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Yesterday was a marathon crafting day. The schedule was 9 am to 9 pm. I was there at 8 since I had to make breakfast and it took an hour to bake and I wanted it ready for when the ladies came. There were 10 of us all together and we each had our own table.

Every lady brought what they needed for crafting. Three of my friends brought their sewing machines and quilted. Two others brought their Stampin' Up! stuff and made cards. Two other ladies had a Cricut and were scrapbooking. I was the exception and had a bunch of crafts lined up, thanks to Pinterest.

I had a plan of attack. I had printed out a collage of snapshots of my crafts. Brilliant idea, truly! So you'd think I'd have a ton of stuff to show for 12 hours of crafting right? Well between the talking with the friends, and the looking at their crafts, and me cooking 3 meals for 10 ladies, I didn't get as much done as I would have liked but did produce a fair amount.

I made over 100  hearts that were 9 3/4 inch on my Cricut. That was time consuming. And got boring. But was necessary for a Ladies' Night we are have in February at my friend's work. We are going to hang them on jute twine from the ceiling and it will look brilliant!

Here is what I made (all from Pinterest!)

Button magnets. Just hot glue magnets on. Easy and cute!

Woven felt hearts. Just need felt and scissors!  Original pin Radmegan

Button bracelet. Choose your colors and just need thread, elastic, buttons, and a needle. I varied coloreis and sizes :) Original pin: Homemadetipjunkie

Homemade headband! Ribbon, thread, elastic bands, and needle. Easy and cute!
Original pin: Thecraftyscientist

Heart garland part 1...part 2 will say Ladies' Night and inspired by this one:

Oh and I also started on a baby present for my friend. She is having a baby boy so I used my Cricut and several cartridges to make words and will assemble it to create something like this:

Pretty good job right? Cute stuff. The meals were a success! Breakfast casserole, lunch was a baked potato soup with rolls, and dinner was a crockpot bolognese sauce with spaghetti and garlic french bread. One lady said , "Oooh I'm so full." Hehe, guess it was good. She also was excited the bolognese sauce had veggies in it :)  



  1. I'd love to come just for the food!!!! Sounds delicious!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. Awww thanks Kristin :)

    I'd love to have you come over too!

    That'd be so fun...bloggers, food, and Pinterest crafts!

  3. Hi Ms. T:

    Thank you for entering my giveaway for Maria Dismondy's new book, Pink Tiara Cookies for Three. How sweet that you stopped by!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. I love your Cricut ideas, I just bought one and I'm trying to be creative. Scrap booking is not my thing but I like to make cards and I have two little grand babies plus make things for school. Do you have a source for ideas?

  5. Debi, for Cricut ideas, I go to Pinterest. It's full of ideas there!

    There are also some Cricut blogs that have great ideas.

  6. That sounds like a wonderful day! You're button bracelet is too cute! I would love to have a day like that - food, crafts and friends!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  7. Thanks Jennifer! I wore the button bracelet and the kiddos loved them. Yes it was a fun day and I can't wait to do it next year!


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