8 more days...

I can make it right? Another full week of subbing (8 weeks now in a row woohoo!) and I'm tired!
Today I had a 5th grade class and they were getting so disrespectful. And darn marbles issue again...I tell ya, doesn't matter which school! Two boys were arguing over a marble.

 At lunch recess, I got to leave as I only subbed a 1/2 day. There are 5 trees in the black top area and around the base of each, were 5 different marble games going lol.

Substitute tip of the day.... if you have a student that's acting up first thing, when you take attendance, make note of that child so you know their name and can use it a lot. Kind of freaks them out if you know it and haven't subbed for them before lol. I've used this trick since my first year and it never grows old!

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