Special Specialists

Wow...I was 3 different specialists this week all at the same school. Library Monday, Music on Tuesday, and today I was the computer teacher.

I enjoy of these for different reasons. In the library, this one in particular, I get to use the bar code scanner :D This makes me happy and I don't know whether it's the beep or getting to play with a scanner lol.

Music I like because I get to see kids enjoy it. As I said yesterday, I got show silent films and they loved it. I did forget to say that a kindy came up to me and our convo went like this:

Kindy:  "Miss T, do you sing?"

Me: "Yes, but not very well."

Kindy:" OH! So that's why you always show us a music video when you are here!"
Oh my word that was too funny. The teacher leaves videos to watch but she's also had me lead songs or do recorders..not just videos lol.

And computers is my favorite I think. I love turning all computers on with one click with LanSchool. And watching kids type. Or choose to make a brochure instead of play a game.

If you are looking for typing games, this website has some pretty decent ones: http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/keyboarding_games.html

The specialists at that school rock. I know I won't sub for PE tomorrow as it's the last day hehe. And I'm sad to say the school district cut technology out district wide so the teachers are switching their job titles.

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