Always thinking like a teacher

Even though I don't have my own classroom, I'm always thinking like a teacher. I'll be at the store and see someething and think, "Oh! That would make a great __________ for the class" or "that would be perfect for __________".  

I do sometimes get asked by teachers for ideas since I work  in several schools and 2 different school districts. My non-teacher friends always joke around how I'm 'such a teacher' or 'there goes the teacher' lol. I don't mind, I take it as a compliment.

So it's no surprise when I'm sitting at my dad's desk (most likely the last time ever, see retirement blog) and I ask him what he's taking home or what he's leaving and I spot his rolodex and I thought of a brilliant idea. I asked him if he was taking it and he said, "It's all yours!"

So my idea is this.....the Rolodex already has the alphabet in it for sorting names...and it has a lot of spots for cards, so why not make it a sight word/vocab wheel of fun? So for the  younger grades, put sight it'll be in alphabetical order, or better yet, have the kiddos put them in the slots to work on order. For the older kids, they can put vocabulary words on a card, maybe draw a picture on the back or something, and then tada! You have a wheel of vocab/sight words and you know the kids will have fun turning the wheel to find a word :)  This could probably even be used for word work (Daily 5!) 

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