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I was the music substitute today :)  3-5 had field day so I didn't have them for most of my time. I had only 4 out of 9 classes. Well I had decided that the older kids would watch a silent film (music, it has music...hence watching it in music class) after having talked with the music teacher on the phone last night.  This particular one is called "Go West".

It is funny as a guy is kind of not the brightest crayon in the box and funny  stuff happens to him on his travels.

Well the 2nd graders were laughing so hard they were crying which was making me laugh so I was crying lol.
And the 4th graders were loving it as it pertained kind of to what they are finishing up learning, the Oregon Trail. And then I gave the kinders 3 choices and they picked the silent film! What can I say, they have been introduced to a different kind of cultural art and they love it! Go figure!

What I loved about it was the 4th graders were adlibbing what they thought the character should say. That would be such a great project! Watch the movie and then have the kiddos write their own script...maybe even act parts of it out!

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