Well congrats to the class of 2011!  Several local schools are having graduation tonight. I'm going to an after party and am glad it's only that as I am so tired today!

Today was a super de duper busy day. I was subbing for the music teacher who was going on a field trip with the choir to sing the national anthem at the Timbers soccer game. The kindys had a field trip to the zoo and some TAG students went to the observatory for an overnight trip.

So my schedule was a bit wishy washy. Watched videos for the 2nd and 3rd grade classes. Took 5th and 4th outside since their classes were so small since most went to choir. One class decided to play marbles.
Hehehe in the's apparently the hot spot for marble playing.

Lunch was a much needed break as I had no prep time. And then at 1 was the 5th grade vs Staff kickball game. That was fantastic! Plus it was gorgeous weather for the first time in months (hello, Oregon IS known for rain, but come on!)

So here are some of the staff out in the field.
P.E. teacher saying hello :) Sadly only 3 other classes came out to watch and 2 of them were because their teachers were playing in the game. I couldn't play as I had a class about 45 minutes into the game, but I supervised the kiddos whose teachers were in the game and cheered everyone on. The kiddos beat the teachers 29-26 but I'll pretend I didn't notice a few teachers 'missing' or 'dropping' the ball :) By the way, this is my FAVE school NM. The staff treats you like family. I'm back on Monday...the last Monday of school! Hehehe. 4 more days...we can make it people!

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