Teacher Retirement

Today was the last day of school for my fave school district. There was a retirement party this afternoon for a 2nd grade teacher and a 3rd grade bilingual teacher. Both very lovely women. I was given a personal invitation by one but invited by everyone lol. See what I mean about them making me feel like family?

 I was so hoping the 2nd grade teacher's position would come open but then they had to do the moving of teachers and so that didn't come to be :( I went up to her after we ate, had cake , and all the speeches. She told me that her school is very lucky to have me as  a sub and that all the kids adore me and then we both started tearing up!

The 3rd grade teacher and I chatted and she said that any school would be lucky to have me and if they didn't hire me then they were stupid lol.

I did have a good time and I will miss them...I have phone numbers for a few of them and we are planning to me at some point in the summer hopefully.

Oh I almost forgot to say that one of the best things at the retirement was a song that a 3rd grade teacher wrote. It included every staff member...from custodian to office personnel and it was fantastic ( a little long, but fantastic!)!

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