My first attempt on Google Docs. It looks fine to me but when I tested the link on my mom's computer the title looked a little off center....oh well.  Drat...I just clicked the link and it's still off center. Any tips? Ideas? I keep trying to adjust and it's frustrating me!!!!! Gah! Oh and I tried clicking so it's not private for just me and that you guys can save it but it says " Sorry, sharing is unavailable at this time. Please try again later."  Silly computer...don't you know it's lovely to share?

 Oh and I made W-Z closer together because I doubt you'll have that many things that start with those letters.

This is something that as a sub, I love if I need an extra filler.  Teachers can use this for word work (Daily 5 baby!)

Here goes nothing!

'Round the Room Writing

Oh and how do you guys make it nifty and show the pic of the document and then can click on it and go to Google docs? I still have much to learn from you blogging wizards lol. Thanks :)

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