Tooth Time

Well I had a root canal, yikes! Not fun but wasn't too painful. My cheek was swollen and now I'm dealing with the tooth being a bit sensitive. I go back in tomorrow to get a filling or two and to double check on the tooth and get fit for a crown (hmm a crown...does that mean I'm really royalty? lol).

So in honor of going to the dentist, I created a tooth tally chart. Keeping track of how many teeth students have lost is fun. And I know for most states, kiddos need to know how to tally, so you can get two birds with one stone with this!   It's really simple could even put it on a tooth shape paper or cardboard or something. I've also seen teachers with little tooth cutouts and put them in the calendar and write the kid's name on it and then they can take it home.

So here is the link:  Tooth Tally   I made it 2 pages. The first page, the months are in the order most schools are in. The second page has the months in order chronologically.

Oh and before I my blog that had the 'Round the Room Reading link (my blog title was Ok...), I finally got it to say 'share' on Google docs  so anyone with the link can go look and the title should be straight now woohoo!

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