Last ride along

I rode with my dad for the last time. Kind of weird to know if I ever ride with a cop again, it won't be him :(
And it was kind of a slow day too. Somewhat exciting for me but boring for him lol. We had a parking violation sto start it off with. Car parked at least 3 weeks in the same spot. Lady that lives there is a hoarder you can tell. Hoarders fascinate me (I swear it could happen to me easy...maybe a teacher thing? Lol) and I love watching the show.
Next was a car that pulled out on a 3-way stop and they almost caused an accident. No license either....that's 2 things on a ticket then.
Last one was an arrest for a dude that had a warrant out on him. That was exciting lol. My dad called for cover as we didn't have a cage in his vehicle.

And on a teacher note lol, I subbed for a sub :) She is subbing for a teacher out on maternity and she had an emergency today. Lovely wild active group lol. Plus there was a dance assembly and it was double specials! 8 more days left til summer!

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