Well Sunday (my birthday) we had a family reunion and though at times I was bored, I was also interested.
See, everyone had 2 minutes to talk for a family video we made. Well some people talked way longer than scheduled lol.  Mine was brief and they even applauded for my birthday hehe :)

I knew this side of the family came from the Czech Republic but I learned a lot more. I learned they liked to use to make dandelion wine. And that they made amazing poppyseed pastries (no wonder why I love poppyseed so much, it's in my blood!)

I knew my grandma (she was the Krupicka) had 9 brothers and sisters and that her and 2 are living. Well all this piqued my interest so I did some digging around on rather the chatboard.

I found out that my great- grandfather Krupicka had 12 siblings! I found out his parents' names...and even my great great great grandfather's name! 

The most amazing thing was that I found my great-great grandfather's name on a ship manifest that went to Ellis Island... July 2, 1902. I am just so amazed. So now I'm trying to find info on my grandpa's side as they also came from the Czech Republic and I think I found my great-grandma on the manifest. All these people had passed away before I was born.

It's all so interesting! I've started writing down on my grandma's side, the family tree. Maybe I'll find a program to plug all the info in. Lots of kids and twins run in the family. Oregon, Texas, Illinois, and Minnesota are the main states they are in.  I may check out and try their free builder.Can't hurt anything :)

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