It's a circus in the class!

Well, almost literally. Today was Circus Day for spirit week. Although I didn't know it was spirit week there and I drive in the parking lot and see a resource teacher all dressed up like a clown lol.

Then some of my kiddos were dressed up like clowns so I could truly say the class was full of clowns and that it was a circus around here! :-)

Speaking of circus, there was a terrific bulletin board at another school that ties in perfect. It has a box of popcorn (Pop open a good book ) and says "Get your mind poppin'".  And  a ticket says 'Your ticket to read".

The balloons say something about soaring to new heights with books.

Yes it would fit perfectly with today lol. One teacher made popcorn for the whole school and the kids were ecstatic. They were also very delighted that I gave thema  paper to fill out after reading a book. It simply had them list the author, the title, write a quick summary, draw their favorite scene, and then write a caption for their picture, basically what character it is. They were so happy to do this. I love teaching moments such as these!

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