Fill the Bucket

Relay for Life is coming up next month. It's part of the American Cancer Society. I've been involved the last few years in several ways. For awhile I was just on a team. A few years ago I was on the Entertainment Committee. This year I'm just on a team this year but one of our fundraisers is Fill the Bucket.

Basically I stand on a street corner (all legally done through the city) and for 3 hours beg for coins. But I usually dress up crazy to get more attention. I had these huge funny sunglasses and a purple lei and Mardi Gras beads on. Glasse like this but in pink:

3 hours and only 3 volunteers later, we made $286! Not bad at all. Though I did get sunburned...with a funny line from the glasses lol. But all for a good cause! And a few of the students I sub for saw I hope to inspire them :)

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