I survived!

I promised I'd let you all (well whoever reads this blog...some one I hope!) know how it went. We walked 1.5 miles to the high school.

The play was cute. Little corny but the kids seemed to enjoy it. Indiana Jones like except it was Illinois Jane.A fight scene between mimes and pirates...got to love it.  My horrible, rotten active children loved that they could ask the actors questions and then got to high five them at the end.

And what I loved most was that they used math while walking back the 1.5 miles. I heard "I am wondering if we are 1/2 way yet? Maybe even 3/4 of the way?" And the reply "I'd be happy if we were 7/8 of the way there." Too cute! I also heard how hot it was, how their feet hurt, their legs hurt, they were tired, they were thirsty, and they were sweaty. But miraculously when we got back to the class and still had 40 minutes, they all wanted to go outside and play.

I put a kabosh on that and we managed to draw the state of Oregon for the Oregon Trail part of Social Studies.

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