Red Rover, Red Rover, send Ms. T right over!

Today and Tuesday and Thursday I'm what's called a roving sub, aka rover. I get sent from class to class. Now this can be bad or good. Bad if you like to stay in one place but good if you have a less than pleasant class.

Well today was 2nd and 4th grade. The 2nd class I was placed in was because it is tough and the secretaries know I can handle the class. Plus there were a lot of newer subs. The 4th grade teacher ran to the office and screamed, "I WANT MS. T!!!!!!!!!" so they put me down for her class lol :)  It feels nice to be wanted!

Tomorrow is 3rd and 5th grade. Then Thursday K and 1.  I'm excited because I'm subbing June 6th (same school) for the librarian and it's the kid's talent show that day. Yay!

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