Smiles and sun

Yay for sunny weather! No I mean seriously, 2 days in a row of sun and a possible high of 76! That rocks for Oregon. We are so  used to the rain. So with the sun out, out come the smiles. And the kids are SO feeling the end of the year.

The class I had today was 5th grade. Yikes! I had this one kids who had a slight moustache and a high pitched voice and was about puberty!  At this age they are confused with the changes and they think they're cool stuff as they're almost middle schoolers. So they tend to act out. But they still are good or have the need to be given praise.

Today 5 kids went to 1st grade to help out. Two of them came back and were happy because the principal praised them for helping a 1st grader who's arm got broken (by another kid shoving her I think). So the principal gave them a Timberwolf ticket (PBS ticket for the school) and they were so happy yet concerned for the little kiddo. A little bit of praise can go a long way!

As nice as this was, I'm still glad it was only a 1/2 day...though it means I'm closer to tomorrow, the day of doom of walking 1.5 miles to the high school with 32 kids (8 on IEPs), sit for 2 hours, and walk 1.5 miles back. Eek! I'll need good teacher vibes sent my way for sure (though I don't know if anyone knows this blog exists besides me lol)!

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