Skies are gray.....

But everyone's smiles are bright as the end of the year heads our way! Well most everyone is smiling, some teachers are super stressed right now.

Nasty nasty weather today. No tornadoes like the Midwest, but we had rain/hail/thunder
That lovely picture, is the beginning of it and I was in a portable classroom today and it was kind of scary. Kids were already gone as it was early release.

Oh and it was 5th grade puberty talk...oh the joys (insert sarcasm lol). Boys to one class, girls to the music room. Boys were done in 1/2 hour, girls took an hour. And boy was it awkward when they first came back together. Lots of giggles, lol.

So knowing that they were kind of crazy, I handed out a Sudoku puzzle. They are absolutely fabulous and the kids love them. I love this website because you can choose the level of hardness and they have tons of other cool free worksheets. Check them out at

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