So this is my first blog and I thought I'd start documenting my life as a substitute. It's my 4th year and I am SO ready for my own classroom.

The economy this year is awful and schools are shutting down and teachers getting the pink slips, so I am trying not to get my hopes up.

I had an interview and got the call today that I did not get the 2nd grade position I applied for. Seemed like the perfect school and perfect fit for me so I am utterly disappointed.

Thankfully they called after school so the kids were gone but the teachers were there and I ran to one of the teachers that wrote a recommendation for me. She was crying, I was crying and there were lots of hugs. I love that school and I would love to work there, but the district is moving teachers around instead of hiring, which is sad as their 2nd grade teacher is retiring and wants me to take her spot.

As the other teachers told me, no matter how much this hurts, there IS something better out there for me. But I want it now! Lol.

~Miss T.


  1. I just came across your blog and this sounds so similar to my life. I am on 4 years of being a substitute and I really don't want to start a fifth year.

    1. I really hope I don't go on to my sixth year, but at this rate, it just might happen again. As hard as it is to say, there is something out there, a perfect job for us. It just isn't meant to be yet :)


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