To sing or not to sing....

Today I subbed for a music teacher. She had me play videos that they were watching in the last class.

3rd grade was watching a movie that was like Beauty and the Beast (got to watch the same part twice for 2 classes).2nd grade was watching Tubby the Tuba (watched once thankfully!). 5th grade was watching Stomp Out Loud (watched 2 times).
Kinder was cancelled due to the 1st graders having a rehearsal and the music teacher came back.

And then I found my calling (not really lol)......I got to be the DJ and switch out the cds for the rehearsal. One kid whispered "Ms. T, that's so cool, you are totally like a DJ!"I do admit I rocked it and didn't mess up...a lot of switching of cds was done and I had a rough draft list of the order of songs.

I love that the kiddos were singing and then dancing. One class danced to Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) by Shakira and their dance was so beautiful. Another class danced an African song.

Tomorrow I have nothing yet....but I dread Friday when I have the worst class in that school AND I am taking them to a play at the highschool, which we are walking to. The play is "Illinois Jane and the Pyramid of Peril". Hope it's good!

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