To Market I Go

Whew, what a busy day! I had to work Saturday Market and be at my "other work" at 7:30 to load up the van. Um, this was my first time driving the company van. And I was kinda nervous. That thing is huge compared to my Ford Taurus!

And of course today had to be pouring down showers. So they moved the market inside and I was all set up by 8:20 and it opens at 9. I knew it would be a slow day so I brought along The Book Whisperer. Great idea because I got more read in that book in the 3 hours I worked than all the months I've had it!

Isn't it cute? You can't see all the table but it gives you an idea :)

I did sell a few things so that was great. There's not always a  theme to the market but today was strawberries and I sold canning stuff. I loaded all the stuff back up and then drove back to work. Then I went back at 3 to pick up my paint samples. Oh boy. I think I'll be crafting with those puppies for years to come! Lol :)

Just a reminder that starting tomorrow on Endless Pinabilities, we have a theme week!



  1. I'm reading The Book Whisperer, too!! I LOVE Donalyn Miller - she was at a conference I was at in February and she was awesome.

    Miss V's Busy Bees


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