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I'm finally linking up to Bonnie from Living the Wonderful Life's

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My obsessions:

1. Clip art. 'Nuff said lol. I know Jen R. shares my obsession (I know there's more of you that do too!). My faves? Michelle from The 3 AM Teacher and also Kristen at KPM Doodles. Those are my two go-to places for my clip art needs! 

2. Books. I love them, love them, love them! My parents kept all the books they ordered through a parent club for me and in they're in tubs. As in plural. And of course I've got tubs from elementary/middle school days with Goosebumps and Boxcar Children and Babysitter's Club that I held on to just in case for my own future kids or class. And my teacher books And then the books I have currently on my shelf (and in my closet in drawers, tubs, etc.) I'm scared to even think about how many books I actually own. So I've got to love my Kindle for keeping my current books condensed!

3. Earrings. I have earrings in my bathroom and in my bedroom. In my bedroom they're on this cute little tree. I love how earrings can help an outfit out. And I'm on a big/dangly earring kick right now. Even the kids comment on my earrings. 
That's not my tree but that is the tree (from Costco).

4. Purses. I totally will throw my mother under the bus (love you mom!). She's always told me a girl can never have to many purses and has helped   fed my obsession. Namely Coach. See we have outlet stores VERY close by (I'd say 10 minutes and in fact I'm going today) and Coach is one of those stores. We have coupons in our e-mail all the time and they also have a 50% off corner. So it's like double discount and I've scored big several times, like my messenger bag that I use as my sub bag...was over $200 but I got it for under $100. And I use it every day, so definitely worth it. And I think the most I've ever paid for a Coach is $90. Which is cheap when it's usually $200 + when you think about it.  But not all my purses are coach. Wilson Leather had a sale and I got  an adorable purse for $14 and normally was over $50.

I used this from a previous post

5.  Music! Whether it's in my car, on tv, on the radio, in the kitchen, or in the classroom, it seems like I always have music playing. What's playing on my iTunes list right now? Well I've got some songs that I became obsessed with when I was in Hawaii and some current songs...
 - Let's Do it Again ~ J Boog
-Not Done Yet ~ SOJA
-Come In ~ The Green
-Higher Than The Clouds ~Anuhea
(those are my Hawaiian obsessions...Corinna, you probably know them!)
- Part of Me ~ Katy Perry
- Glad You Came ~ The Wanted
- We Are Young ~ Fun. (I'm actually obsessed with that whole album and bought it)

Of course in the class, it's songs the teacher already has. Laurie Berkner is a favorite and a few of hers that I like are Oleanna, Shakin' Down the Sugar, and Victor Vito. I love Jack Johnson too! One teacher I subbed for had this thumping counting song and I felt like I was in Club Kinder or something. They got excited and started fist pumping like Jersey Shore and then were counting by 10's.  Oh I found it! It's by Mark D. Pencil (hahahaha).

6. Pinterest. Yeah buddy. I can tell you that now that I've had a bit more down time, I've been pinning. And I can tell you have more time too because my e-mail is being flooded with "so and so repinned" lol :) Now I also need to make the stuff I pin. That's a goal for this summer. Ideally I'd like to make 5 or so. But I'm going to be realistic and shoot for 1 project lol. 

7. Cooking. I love to cook! In fact my friend wants me to come over sometime this summer and cook for her and I agreed. Now I have to decide what I'm going to make. Maybe Taco Soup? I just love trying out new recipes!

Ok, I think that's enough obsessions for now, otherwise I'll really look obsessed!

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  1. haha!!! I read this as I'm currently downloading about 4 sets I just got!! lol....BUT it was buy 2 get 2 free! Who could resist?!!?

    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! That soup looks SOOOO good! i am totally with you on the books. I'm currently reading the Fifty Shades trilogy and I am definitely obsessed!

    Living A Wonderful Life

  3. I love all the paint chip art in your newest post!! Keep them ideas a comin' (-; Thank you for the love as well! You are so sweet!!

    The 3AM Teacher
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