Five More Days!

Five more days people! I can make it! Today was some kind of crazy...but not as crazy as the poor sub in PE! The music teacher went on a field trip and had previously arranged for the PE teacher to take the kids. Well PE teacher was gone today and the arrangement still stood! So the poor sub had 50+ kids each class. Thank goodness it was nice today, so she took them out to recess.

My kids were all kind of cray-cray today, but then again, 5 more days!

The mood was somber after school today as they found out placements. I lent my ear and shoulder that needed it. No classroom teachers were cut but some resource teachers look like they might be gone. That have been there forever. That are amazing :(

Here's a good quote for both situations.

Frame by The 3 AM Teacher and background by Just So Scrappy.


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