That's the sound I'm making. It can either be 'Ahhh it's sunny and nice" or "Ahhh I'm addicted to Pinterest, blogs, and Facebook."  Mostly it's the first 'ahhh'.

I'm so excited about Endless Pinabilities! There are amazing contributors and amazing followers. I can't wait to see what EP can blossom into. It'll feed my Pinterest addiction too. Maybe we should have a Pinterest Anonymous group?  "Hi, my name is Tanja and I'm addicted to Pinterest." There I feel much better!

Ok, ignore my wacky mood, I've been crazy energetic all morning. I've burst into random fits of giggles today but I'm totally blaming Checkers on getting it started. My cat fell off the chair she was sleeping on. And when she got up off the ground, she was looking all around like, "Who saw that. Saw what? You saw nothing." And she walked off hahaha.

I'm in the middle of a Pinterest project and I think they are stinking adorable! I'm sure you've seen them on Pinterest, but you'll have to wait until I post on EP what they are, once I finish.

I made this for Father's Day and I think I'll print it out to go with my Dad's presents. The background is from Mel Stampz and the frame is from Michelle at The 3 AM Teacher.

Grab it if you want :)



  1. I'm sure your dad will love that note!! I know that is one thing that I will always remember about my own father... he always believed in me and loved me no matter my faults.


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