Friday Freebie and Summer Writing

*gasp* *pant* Excuse me while I pass out from almost over doing my exercising today lol. I'm working a half day this afternoon and then have a volunteer work party later, so I wanted to fit in my exercise this  morning, even if it meant getting up a little earlier. So worth it!

Anyway, I'll be in kindergarten today, and then that'll be my last sub job before summer vacation, woohoo!

I've started working on another packet, but just created this cute little summer writing prompt pack.

There's writing prompts about clouds, lemonade stands, and more! Plus a watermelon story/watermelon seed poster. The whole thing is only $1 at my TN store! If you're still in school it's perfect, or you can do this with your kids over the summer. Or grab it for next year!

See that watermelon background? I made it! I was so happy with it, I made another border and that's my freebie today.

Click it! It's all yours :)

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  1. What a cute border! Thank you so much!


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