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Alright, I figured it's time I showed you one of the projects, well actually the only project, I've made with the paint samples. Don't worry Tara, I have a different project to share for Monday!

I think that these turned out pretty cute and are super cheap. I already had glue and a whole puncher, the paint samples were free, so the ribbon was the only thing I had to buy and I got it from the Dollar Tree. I think ribbon may be a new addiction for me. They had sooo many cute ones that I bought 4 or 5. Lime green, polka dots, cherry print, and more! Even the cashier commented on the cute ribbon and asked what they were for. I said, " I don't know but I had to have them!" And she knows I'm a teacher (Um, let's just say we're practically on a first name basis) and asked if would be for the kids.

Anyway...I chose two different paint samples, but both shades of blue. Sorry I didn't take pics of the process, but it's pretty simple. I just took a sample and cut it in half so that there were 4 colors on one half and 3 on the other half and I just saved one strip for another bookmark or project. Then I took the other shades of blue and cut it lengthwise in half.

I glued the skinny strip in the middle of the other color to make it pop. I punched a whole on top, threaded some ribbon, and voila!

See how it pops because of the middle strip?

I liked it a lot, so I tried it with green and one of the leftover blues, except it was 3 colors instead of 4. And I placed it with the blue bookmark.

I like the green one too.

I love that the bookmarks can be small or long. I think I like the four shade one better. I don't mind the paint color names, I think it's fun, but I guess you could always trim them off and make a skinny bookmark. I just think it adds to the whole thing though.

I also made two other projects yesterday, but I'll try and be good and save it for Tara's Monday linky parties :) I had fun with my mom for my birthday pedi too! I got the Hunger Games in hardcover and I got my own set of Magic Bullet. I love Magic Bullet! Smoothies in a minute and more! I've made breadcrumbs with it too.  Thanks for the birthday wishes!
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  1. OMGOSH!!! Those are so cute Tanja!! I found a craft to make boxes out of the paint chips and I am dying to try it. I also made two peg boards with some of the rulers I got at auction...I really need to post pics...

    I love how creative you are!!
    Hope you are having a great summer vaca so far!!

    The 3AM Teacher
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    The 3AM Teacher
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  2. OOPS! Didn't mean to paste that twice...hahaha

    1. Lol :) Oh I think I know what craft you're talking about. Those looked cute too! Yes, you do need to post pics!

      Summer vacay is pretty good so far, just need nicer weather!

  3. They turned out really cute! I love how simple it is - but very useful :) I can't wait to see what you made to post Monday!

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