Time Out Tuesday: Random Acts of Kindness

I love to  see little random acts of kindness, especially at school. I see it around me, not all the time but it's there. It's there when a student will open the door for me. Or when a student will help me clean up something without me asking. A teacher scoots over so that no one sits alone.

I try to do my part too and not just at school either. I hold open doors when I can. I give a smile (well actually I'm always smiling lol). I do RAK by giving gifts. I listen when my friends need to vent.

At one school I'm at a lot, in the bathroom is a poster. Why in the bathroom and not in the hall for all to see, I don't know. But it's a poster about RAK and things you can do. It's from a website called the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. I hopped onto their website and they have a page that includes a list of ideas of RAK. The website is pretty amazing. Not only do they have a list of ideas, but they have RAK quotes, you can share your RAK, resources and stories. There's even an educator tab and you can have lesson plans and student activity ideas!

This my version of their poster. Mine is shorter and I changed the title and left off some ideas. I had to cutesy it up with different fonts too, of course!

I uploaded this to Google Docs if you want it. Click here.

What will your RAK be today?


  1. Such a fun mini-poster! We went blueberry picking and we're giving some of our our berries away. Such a good feeling, sharing!!

    Sending smiles back atcha,


  2. Awe I love this! Thanks for sharing it!
    Michelle @ Smitten With First

  3. Random Acts of Kindness mean a lot to me! While subbing at one school especially teachers would hand me a piece of chocolate for no reason, a child gave me a flower who I wasn't even teaching that day, another cried in my arms not wanting me to leave after subbing for her for a once, another hopping up and down on her balcony just to wish me a good morning, all the smiles, etc. It's the little things that count!

  4. Love this poster! Thanks for sharing!


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