Brain Freeze

I'm having a brain freeze on what to blog about and what products to create. Gah!

And the ice cream man is driving by and I kid you not, it's the same song on his loop at the same moment every time he drives by the house. It changes songs, but it's the same song always right by my house. And the worst part is that I know it, but don't know the title!

Speaking of ice cream, did you check out the freebie from Maree Truelove today? This girl is happy!

I think I may have to use that clip art and create a game called Brain Freeze (I'm copyrighting that right now!) Lol :)

I totally scored on ice cream at the store too! I'm eating healthier, so I try to get super good for you stuff. I found these by Jamba Juice:
I didn't take this pic though.  

I got mine at good ol' Wally World. And they were crammed into a clearance section. And guess how much they were? $0.75. That's right, 75 cents! I bought 3 boxes! I didn't want to seem too greedy you know :)

Alright, I guess I should go work on that game now. 



  1. Ok...I'm headed to my freezer to devour some ice cream now!! :)
    Michelle @ Smitten With First
    My TPT Store

  2. I LOVE JAMBA JUICE! There was a story walking distance from my apartment in college. I was there way to often . I wish I could find them for 75 cents!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

    1. I told my mom about it and she went the next day and I think bought the rest of the boxes :)

  3. Okay, that would never happen here!! 75 cents!! $5.00 would be more realistic... Love the freebie!!

    Surfin' Through Second

  4. Thanks for sharing these freebies with us!!


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