To Be Continued...

18 Wonderful Bloggers teamed up with me to create a continuous story over the next few weeks. Each day one new blogger will add to the saga. Click the next button to read what happens next...
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~Ms. T

       Glass shattered as I dropped the glass with my drink in it. Not really noticing the puddle on the floor, I had to take a double glance out the window to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me. My hair stood up on the back of my neck, my skin prickling with goose bumps. Descending out of the sky slowly like a feather floating down to Earth, a giant silver flying saucer was hovering mere inches above my lawn. The heat radiating from the bottom of the saucer scorched my perfectly manicured lawn, leaving a giant brown radius of grass. I was momentarily blinded by the glint of the sun bouncing off the smooth silver surface of the object. I grasped the windowsill as the silver saucer started to lower.

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  1. YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!! I love your addition. This is definitely going to evolve quite well. You are so sweet...thank you very much for participating!!

    The 3AM Teacher
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    1. Glad you like it! There were soooo many options to go with, but when you talked about flying in your paragraph, that made my mind go off into the wild blue yonder! Lol :)

  2. I wonder what will emerge? I can't tell if the story's taking a spooky turn or not. Off to the next chapter. This is fun!
    First Grade Found Me


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