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I'm always amazed about the tenderness and caring that comes from kids. I subbed for a PE teacher today. My schedule was VERY odd. Wednesdays are late start. And then I guess they added even more prep for the specialsts so I didnt' have a class until 1 pm.

So I helped in first grade. Then I went and did lunch duty and had lunch and then it was kinder, kinder, first grade.

My first kinder class had 38 kiddos. Yep you heard me, 38. So what did we do? Well we played Duck, Duck, Goose which they adored.

Second class same thing. And in this class is a blind student. And a kiddo picked him as goose. And I held my breath to see what would happen. And you know what? They cheered him on. And the runner slowed way down to give him a chance. And he had an assistant run with him. And he got to be the tagger and run from them and he made it safe.

And bless his little heart. He turned his head in my direction (he heard me directing a student) and said "Ms. T, this is SOOO much fun. This is an awesome game!"

And then as he grabbed his cane and they went to line up and leave and go back to class, he turned to me again, and said, "Thank you Ms. T for the chance to exercise."

Any signs of weariness and frustration I had was wiped with those words. He could be pessimistic and down and grumpy because he is blind. Does he let that stop him? Heck no! He can even color pictures if he puts his mind to it, which I've seen him do by using wikki stix.


  1. Ms. T,

    I am just on the verge of becoming a substitute teacher myself, and I am frightened beyond all comprehension. I suppose it was always easier to presume what it would be like, and now facing reality, I am terrified. Which is a bit unusual considering that my previous employment was acting as a professional nanny. Any advice or inspiration you would bestow on a "newbie?" Thank you so much! Keeping inspiring those kiddos!

    1. Be prepared! That's the most important thing. Have back up activities, because you never know what is in the plan (or no plan!).
      Give them your rules right off the bat. You'll do fine!

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