Got sick again

Well  I got sick again. This time I think my mom was to blame as she had something similar not too long before I got it.  Got hit with a slight sore throat and then very tired (no not mono lol) . I got a call Thursday night for Friday and took it. But then woke up Friday and was a zombie with a sore throat so canceled.

I went back into bed, pulling the covers over me and fell asleep for another 5 hours (not to mention I fell asleep at 9 the night before). I really needed that sleep.

I did go out Friday night with some friends and my mom and we did a "red carpet event". They really did put out a red carpet and we got our pictures taken in front of one of those Hollywood looking walls that have the advertisements on the back. And then there were 2 fashion shows, and vendor booths (I got a sparkled extension put in my hair for a dollar!) and then the dj was amazing. But it was all for raising food for the local food bank. 2 cans= a raffle ticket and there were amazing prizes! And the whole event was free with appetizers. You had to pay for anything at the vendors or for alcohol, but talk about a cheap and fun night.

Saturday I went to a peewee soccer game to watch two friends' kids play. 3-4 year old soccer is a hoot by the way!  I also saw some kids I sub for, so it was nice too. And actually sunny weather! Today it's raining.

I spent most of yesterday curled under a blanket and reading a book or stalking pinterest.  I'm scheduled for 2 days this week. Friday no school for state inservice I think.

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