Feeling accomplished

Just finished the headpiece to my Halloween costume. So the main part, the socks/shoes, headpiece are all complete. I have make up and hair glitter and little accessories. This means it is actually done. I'll definitely have to dress once to make sure it is good and to decide if I need anything else. I can't wait!

This morning I was super busy. I did laundry, dishes, worked out, cleaned the shower, swept and dusted, and then worked on stuff for this Saturday's Fall auction, with the theme of Thanksgiving. And I don't really consider it 'work' as I got to use my Cricut! My friend that is in charge bought the paper and cartridge for me to borrow and then I had to make 50 leaves :) It was fun and they will look nice for the tables/walls.

My schedule for the week is Mon-Thursday so far.  3rd grade, then 1st grade 2 days (same class) and then 2nd grade.


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