Fall Leaf Art

Today I'll be posting leaf art. I know, I know, I said Sunday or Monday but I've got good excuses (I hope!) Sunday I was still exhausted from our auction. It went fabulous by the way! Earned a lot of money for our community.
                                                      Here's a pic of some of my hard work!
Monday, yesterday, I subbed a 1/2 day and then my friend called me to see if I could help out at her work, so that is what I did. And then I was too tired when I came home. But the pics of the leaf art will wgo up now!

You will need wax paper, crayons stripped of their paper and in 'fall' colors, and a hot griddle/plate with foil on top.

Turn the griddle/hot plate on.

On with foil

Place wax leaf on top

Get bag of fall colors ready (brown,red, yellow, orange, green)

Outline the leaf with a color and make that the vein color too. And fill in the rest of the leaf with another color/s.
Warning: It will be HOT, so maybe have paper towel handy to hold on to leaf. Supervise kids for sure!

When done, take off leaf, wave around for a minute and it's done!

Display as artwork. They look pretty in the windows too!

As a kid was doing their leaf and I supervised, I had another kid read from their book bag to me. That way they are getting the one on one they need, the leaf person is supervised, and you aren't bored to death!



  1. I was so excited when the teacher told me I could make one for myself if I wanted. Um yes please! Hehe :)

    I did the red with brown border, after seeing the different leaves kids did, it was my favorite.


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