Great day!

I had such a fabulous day! I was in one of my favorite schools, subbing for one of my favorite teachers, I had a great class and boy did they make me laugh!

"Ms. T, you must be tired cuz you have bags under your eyes!"   Um thanks....I'm too young for bags under my eyes! But I smiled and nodded.

I know I was tired and must have seriously looked it if that kiddo said that AND the janitor yelled down the hall for me to go get coffee as I looked like the sleep dead. Sheesh lol.

And then another funny thing; the teacher said if the class stayed on green the whole day, they could have recess (today is like Friday as tomorrow is statewide inservice). Well I told them this and same kiddo with the eye bag comment said, "Well that's good, because we need recess. Keeps us sharp you know!"

Silly second graders :) And then I checked my Facebook at lunch and saw I won $50 to my favorite store at our outlet mall. That made  my day right there. I was going to go there tomorrow as it was, but now really can't wait to shop! Hope all of you had a great day today!

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