What's in a Name?

Today I subbed for kinder and will be in the same class tomorrow. We're doing a lot of name stuff.

They all giggled when I said they could call me Ms. T and yes I've had students in the past ask if I drink tea, but honestly, Ms. Tlusty is a mouthful lol.

The traced over their name that was highlighted on paper (I whipped it up quick during specials). They also glued beans in a pattern on a construction paper that had their name on it. They had so much fun!

Tomorrow we're going to do our names and do rainbow colors around. My darn phone sends my pics to a website but it's not recieving it. I'll try to remember to bring my camera tomorrow.

Some funny stuff today:

Kiddo: Ms. T, you know a kid is sick when they cough like this *and she demo'd it*(

Different kiddo: Ms. T, sometimes I forget what my daddy's name is.

Another kiddo: Mommy! Mommy? Uh Mommy.....woops I mean Ms. T!!!

Ahhhh randomness of kindergarten. Can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for me!

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