Model Behavior

OH what a Monday! Three day weekend made the kids hyper. Though they could have been worse (I'm an optimist!)

The kiddos were so funny today. I bought myself earrings this weekend that are peacock feathers. Well they were so curious and fascinated by them and they wanted to touch them, so I let them.

And then they had 40 minutes to read. So I pulled out a chair and grabbed my book that I'm currently reading from my bag and read too. They were staring at me and a few whispered to me ,"Ms. T, you are going to read too?" 

My reply, "Of course! I love to read!"

They were so amazed that their teacher wanted to read and to sit down and read just like them too. A few came up and asked what chapter I was on (12 by the way :) ) and what page I was on (230) and what the book was about (castle, princess..etc).

If a teacher doesn't sit down and read every once in awhile, they'll have no model. The kiddos told me their teacher usually walks around. I'm hoping she's conferencing and not just minding their behavior. Because when they noticed I was reading too, they made more of an effort and even hushed the other kids 'because Ms. T is reading too."

And they loved it when I let out an exclamation and got excited. I told them I had a connection from "The Tale of Desperaux" , the book they have for read aloud. I found a word there that I didn't know and it was in my book too, so they watched in amazement as I hunted down a dictionary and looked it up.
Perfidy, by the way, is faithlessness or treachery.  

So be a model! If you don't know something, look it up! Read with the kiddos, even if it is for a little bit


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