Linky party... Out of the Mouths of Babes

Mrs. Dillard is having a linky party! Out of the mouth of babes is the theme.

As a substitute, I hear all sorts of things but darn it, I don't write them all down. There are some of course that I am happy I wrote down.

This was in a 3rd grade class:

Me: What's a synonym for big?
S1: Ginormous!
S2: Ginormous isn't a word.
Me: Actually, I just read an article in the paper that they just added it to the dictionary.
S1: How do you know?
S2: She's a teacher, she knows everything!   (don't I wish! Lol).

Here's another one, fifth grade.

S: Where's the 'r' in 'Mrs.?"
Me: I don't have one, I'm not married.
S: Oh. When are you getting married?
Me (under my breath I muttered): When I find the right guy.
S (super hearing heard it): When will that be?
Me: I would like to know that too!

3rd grade class learning celebrations of the world in December. On a KWL chart, under W: " Why does Santa bring presents at night, not in the morning?"    I thought that was precious.

And same chart, different kid, under W. "What is in my box under the tree?

Thought those two were appropriate as today is Christmas in July :) So cute!

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  1. Thanks for joining my linky party! Gotta love when the kids are obsessed with your relationship status! When I got married this year one of the kids said "why did you get married, are you knocked up or something?"....out of the mouth of babes.
    Peace, Mel D
    Oh the Places We’ll Go


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