Planning on decorations

Wow, so now my dad is going to have a big party with 100 plus people. I just went and saw the venue today and I fell in love. It's in the heart of downtown and in a brick building. It's called the Corner Brick Loft. Cute right?

There is a beautiful plant outside the doorsteps and you open the heavy wood door and go up a flight of stairs. You can go straight to the main room or hang a right and go to the kitchen, bathrooms, and storage room.

The place is beautiful! Hardwood floors, brick walls, brown paint, nice lights you can dim for ambiance. It can hold at least 6 tables, has surround sound and a projector screen. The kitchen is amazing with granite counters, see through fridge and nice area for cooking.

I'm in charge of decor and am planning on getting small quare glass vases and filling them with blue glass pieces from the dollar tree and figure something to stick in it.

The police department is providing flowers for the guest check in table. The caterer is taking care of all the food and linens. We are in the midst of dealing with a beverage company but I think we may be buying stuff instead as it would be cheaper .

Oh it so cozy.  I'll try to remember to take pics after I decorate. Party is at the end of August.

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