Still loving summer vacation

Still loving summer vacation, even though today was another trip to the dentist. Not too bad, just a filling. But boy was my face numb! 

Sitting there in the chair, I had some time to think about what I've done this summer so far. I can say that I've done Relay for Life, went to Las Vegas, went to the Grand Canyon, helped out at my friend's work a few times, and starting next week I teach a Safety Camp for a week **hmmmm I think I can post stuff for that next week, new inspiration to blog about!**  That's a lot for July, though it's not over yet! I've also been to some BBQ's, graduation parties, and next month I get to go to the coast :) I love the coast!

Anyhoo....don't forget to have those kiddos write about the summer. Either as a parent at home or as a teacher back at school. Kinda cliche, but still, those memories need to be kept! 

Here's a quick and simple paper I whipped up  :)

Still need to learn how to get it so the pic of the item shows up and you can click it and go straight to Google docs!

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