I bought a ...

Cricut Expression! I'm so excited. It's my birthday present to myself since I didn't find anything I liked last month (my birthday). I tested it out already and I see SO many possibilities.

It's first major use will be making stars and cut outs for my dad's retirement party.  I stopped at the Dollar Tree for some shopping.I bought square candle holders and deep blue sea glass. I also bought some thick sticks that I may stick in the containers too. They only had 1 candle mirror (to go under) and I didn't buy it. I'll probably head to Michaels' tomorrow and see what they have and see if they have stuff for my Cricut.

I know that when I have my own class I'll use it alot too. In the mean time, I plant to make cards and do some other crafty stuff. I bought a mason jar with a wire lid and think I'll buy some vellum and put my name on it. Oh the possibilities are endless.

I'm so excited :D

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