Safety Camp

So last week I finished with helping with Safety Camp. We ended up being shorthanded and intsead of me being just the assistant and making sure stuff went smoothly and also in charge of the teen counselors, I also had to be a counselor and take 2 kids. Kind of funny being 26 and a counselor and the other counselors are ages 13-18 lol.

I had 2 sweet girls so it was no problem. I still had to help with stuff running in the camp. We had horrid  attention getting neon yellow shirts that counselors and campers wore. Blinding when we are all together lol.

We many visitors that week that helped us with the safety lessons. Our local police, firefighters, ambulance crew, 911 dispatchers, and  pool lifeguards came to visit. The lessons we teach are water safety, street/motor safety, animal safety, stranger danger, and fire safety. They learn when to use 911 and when not to use it. And they do all sorts of cute crafts.

I'm the 'artsy teacher' they say and often am in charge of posters and bulletin boards. I had some cute creations if I do say so myself!
My cute frog and vest for water safety. We do a song with frog puppets (they actually croak!)

Mr. Yuk for poison lesson

And something big that I have to think about for next year. I've been asked to consider running it. They said I have fresh new ideas and that I have a real connection with kids. And that they'd still help me but I'd be the main person. So much to think about as this is a lot of work for a week and getting ready and I don't get paid. And hard for me to say yes when I don't know what next year holds for me, but I told them I'd think about it!

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