Chalk days of summer

Ahhhh the summer weather has finally hit us, sort of lol. We had nice weather and it didn't happen until July! As the weather has warmed up, the kids are hitting the streets and staying out longer. I went to enter my car the other day and saw that our sidewalks and street had been graffitied artistically enhanced with chalk.

Now normally there are just pictures, but my neighbors (these kiddos are ages 6-10) decided to write. There were words, sentences, and stories lol. I was going to take a picture when I got back, but unfortunately they had a water fight and washed away their work.

So if your kiddos go outside and want to play with chalk, encourage them to write their name, write their favorite words...maybe even write a sentence and draw a picture to go along with it :) Even my college aged neighbor go into it!

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