Auf Weidersehen Oma

So my Oma left this morning to go back to Germany and it's sad knowing I won't see her for at least 2-3 years.  It's been 6 years since I've last seen her. We take turns on who goes where.

Had fun in Vegas with her and I had great times with her, despite a bit of a language barrier. I speak enough German but she speaks no English. Mix that with beverages and it gets funny lol. Take last night for example. We (parents, me , Oma and her friend) are all the table, playing German music and having a good time.

My brilliant  goofy father and I decide to show off our awesome okay dance skills. So to the music we are doing classics like the swimmer, the lightbulb, the sprinkler (you get the picture). My Oma starts laughing so hard she's crying and shouts out , "Oh my! It's like I'm in a bad film and can't get out." So this makes us burst out laughing and I'm laughing so hard I'm crying and my mom is too. And I say to my Oma, "This is a horror film now isn't it, with our dancing." And she nods her head lol! 

Good memories :) Here is a pic from Vegas when she burst out laughing when we had the waitress confirm what color top she was wearing. She was adamant it was green and said we were sticking together saying it was baby blue, but the waitress said it was baby blue and then laughed saying she was happy to help.

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