Vloggy Friday: Beyond Folly

Hey everyone!

Substitutes are a special kind of people. We hop into any class, we go into the unknown, and it's not always easy. We seem to form a sort of camaraderie, partially out of our job and partially out of necessity. One of my bestie sub friends moved away 2 years ago and I still miss her horribly but we stay in contact. This year there is a brand spanking new sub and I've decided to take her under my wing. Subs have to stick together!

 I got contacted by another substitute, an author substitute, Emil DeAndreis.

He published a book called Beyond Folly, a book about the world of education seen through a substitute's eyes. The substitute, Horton Hagardy, tells several stories of subbing. I found myself connecting to a lot of moments in the stories. This satirical book had me laughing at many parts.

Emil sent me a copy to read. He even autographed it, thank you Emil! And he was gracious enough to send a second copy, also autographed for me to give away to a lucky follower!!!

Someone else was reading this with me.

She got really into it!

I even did a quick vlog about it (I have a new intro!!!!)

It's a quick one, so enter fast :)
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