Quick Dessert and a Quick Vlog

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week. The main school I sub for (NM) has a salad club that brings salad stuff M-Thurs. Friday they have a potluck. The teacher I'm subbing for the week belongs to this club so I somehow got roped into bringing dessert tomorrow. And then was quickly told I needed to make those 'pretzel thingies' I made at Christmas time when we all brought stuff in for 2 weeks (ah the sweet memories).

So here is my 'pretzel thingy' also known as the poorman's turtle aka Pretzel Rolo Turtles.

That's it! So quick and easy, but shhhh you didn't hear that from me ;)

And I think my iphone is the best for recording a vlog now, so here is a super short test!

 photo finalfinalsignature.png

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  1. Those pretzels look so darn yummy!!!!!! I love your cute little vlogs - you should keep 'em coming! Have you joined Shaytober?!?! HA!!!!!!! You know you're responsible for my newest addiction!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade


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