Sun Spectacular and a Freebie

Hey everyone!

It was a crazy, busy week, but I survived! And I have a full week ahead of me this week, including a costume party on Friday and I don't have a costume yet! Eek!

I had fun in 5th grade doing solar system learning, in particular, the sun. Each child was to bring in a large Styrofoam ball for the Sun and a smaller one for the Earth.

We were short on small ones but by some miracle, when I went in the staff room at lunch, there were 2 packs on the table next to a sign that said free. I snatched them up and double checked with the secretary to make sure I wasn't imagining them. She said some old lady dropped off her junk and yes, to please take them.

After lunch was ESOL (ELD) and then theme, when they did the Sun project. I said, "How much do you love Ms. T? Look what she has!" I kid you not, there was the EXACT amount for what we needed. The kids were so happy!

So they started by cutting a wedge out so they could show the core.

They used cds to cut out the wedge.

Then they painted the Sun and then the Earth.

I gave them a wire piece to connect the two and a white sticker for them to label the miles between the Sun and Earth.

I think they turned out pretty good! 

I even made a little freebie to go with this :) Click here

 photo finalfinalsignature.png

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