Moisturize It!

Hey everyone!

I'm a sucker for beauty products, that's for sure! And for a moment, I was confused when an office supplies company that has sent me promotional products before, contacted me about some body moisturizers and foam, I had to do a double take. And for me, it was a no brainer that I would of course accept the review!

I really liked the moisturizer! It doesn't really have a smell at all. It is kind of weird because it's water resistant and I could tell, but in the winter, I need all the moisturizing I can get!

I love me some cleansing foams! My face felt so clean after using it.

I used this right after the cleansing foam and I liked it!

In Oregon, they've been having problems with people backing up systems with this, so I did not use these. Anyone want them? Lol.

The foam in action! 

Thanks Shoplet for letting me review them! I'll definitely be using the face cleanser and cream!

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